Now & NextHuman Resources Summit 2018 / 9-10 May 2018, Volkswagen Arena

The world of work is changing as never before. 65% of children starting school today will be working in jobs that don’t yet exist. Between 21% and 38% of jobs around the globe will be transformed by robotics and Artificial Intelligence by the early 2030s. How organizations lead, learn and are managed is already in the process of changing beyond recognition – and so is the role of the HR function and the demands on HR professionals.

At the 2018 MCT HR Summit we will be exploring how the world of work is being transformed and what that means for HR… Now and Next!

How the world of work is being transformed

  • The end of the plan. We live in a post-control world. Where KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are becoming part of the problem rather than the solution to organizational management and where data needs to be actively shared rather than channelled up the hierarchy… because its impossible to know ahead of time who needs to know what
  • The growth mindset. Organizational learning and evaluation has been built around a fixed set of criteria, locking people into a restricted and limited view of what they can achieve. Psychologists and Educators have now demonstrated that EVERYONE has the potential to grow so long as they see themselves as capable of growing, rather than being fixed by a limiting label or judgement
  • The deliberately developmental organization. In an unpredictable world where talent is a living ecosystem, not a pipeline, promoting continuous learning in everyone is the greatest strategic resource an organization can have. Development stops being an occasional injection of knowledge and skills for the few and becomes part of business as usual for everyone, where incentivizing lifelong learning is THE driver of organizational success
  • The new workforce demographics. The workforce is already transitioning to being made up of many more temporary employees. Alongside this the next generation and its personalised, respond in the moment, assumptions and attitudes are going to become the majority. Expectations of leaders are going to change and organizations are going to have to adapt systems and procedures to respond to this more in-the-moment, make-it-mine generation.
  • The organization as a hub in a community. Organizations no longer have fixed boundaries. They operate as part of an extended international, virtual network, where no one has total control and where everyone can see what everyone else is up to. Global citizenship and community responsibilities have to be an active part of the leadership agenda, going beyond the workplace and engaging with the reinvention of economics and its relationship with ecology… if an organization is going to be able to recruit and retain the people it needs, it will need to have a brand that connects to a world that expects more from its organizations

The Now & Next HR Agenda

  1. HR Best Practice – what does performance management look like in a world where people expect reward and recognition to happen real-time? What does an appraisal process look like in a culture of continuous learning, when what needs to be known cannot be predicted? How do you make it safe enough for people to step outside their familiar ways of working and knowing?
  2. HR Technology – if transparency and data sharing are an essential dimension of a successful organizational culture, how is security and confidentiality ensured? What does a virtual HR world look like and what is the role of HR in facilitating virtual team working? How is power and authority best used on-line?
  3. HR Essentials – what are the new core skills of all HR professionals? What do all HR professionals need to be reading? How do HR professionals go about embracing a world of ‘cognitive diversity’ and recruit in people who see the world differently?
  4. Life Essentials – what are the new skills that everyone needs to have to survive and thrive in a world of unpredictable change and continuous learning? How do people contain their anxieties and develop the mindfulness that is essential to living well during times of high uncertainty?
  5. International Experience – who is really standing out around the world in terms of putting into practice new models of HR? Who are the leading edge role models of recruiting people with a Planetary mindset – and what does that give to their businesses and the communities they are part of?
  6. HR Leaders Café – how has the Turkish HR community being responding to these challenges? What have they seen that really makes a difference? How is the world of HR in Turkey transforming?

What the 2018 Now & Next Summit Will Give You

By attending the 2018 Summit, you will:

  • Know how the world is transforming
  • Know how the world of work is transforming
  • Know how the world of HR needs to go on transforming
  • Know how you need to transform

Through a mix of large and small seminars, you will have the opportunity to debate and explore with peers, leading practitioners and thinkers how the big shifts in the world will impact you and your organization. At the end of the conference you will have the opportunity to create a plan for:

  • How you and your colleagues need to transform
  • How your organization needs to transform
  • How you and your organization need to engage with the wider world


Alper Utku

Alper Utku

Alper UtkuConference Co-Chairs, President / Management Centre Türkiye (MCT)

Alper Utku is the Founding Partner of Management Centre Türkiye (MCT), a leading management consultancy operating in Turkey and surrounding region. Alper Utku assumes that work should be enjoyable and an integral part of a balanced life. Therefore he equally enjoys hard work as well as his time with his family. Alper Utku likes to be in the nature through hiking, skiing, sailing. As a sailor he has crossed the Atlantic Ocean in 20 days which he considers this as a transforming experience. He enjoys reading about history, science, faith and philosophy as well as business.

    Didem Gürcüoğlu Tekay

    Didem Gürcüoğlu Tekay

    Didem Gürcüoğlu TekayConference Co-Chairs, Managing Partner / Management Centre Türkiye (MCT)

    Didem Gürcüoğlu Tekay, who is the General Manager of Management Centre Türkiye (MCT), Turkey’s first and only public consulting firm, began her professional career in retail. She trained and consulted many international companies and helped them improve their service and product quality.

      Yves Morieux

      Yves Morieux

      Yves MorieuxSenior Partner & Managing Director / The Boston Consulting Group

      Yves Morieux is a globally sought after advisor on corporate transformation, working with the CEOs and leadership teams of the most prominent  companies around the world on their transformation efforts. A contributor to the development of organization theory relating to the structural and behavioral conditions for economic value creation and competitive advantage, he has advised more than 500 organizations across industries around the world. He joined BCG in 1995, has been based in Paris, Mumbai, Washington DC, and now is based in Dubai.

        Alan Watkins

        Alan Watkins

        Alan WatkinsCEO&Founder / Complete Coherence

        Alan was originally trained as a physician at Imperial College in London and worked for 11 years in the UK’s National Health Service, as well as working for a year as a physician in Australia and a year in academic medical research in the USA . In addition to his medical degree he has a first class degree in Psychology and a PhD in Immunology. He left academic medicine to work predominantly with global business leaders 20 years ago.

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